Our products are made according to customers’ design and are employed in a wide range of industrial sectors; among them the automotive sector, electrical appliances, furniture and hydraulics.

We produce different types of components of different sizes, such as connecting tubes, spacers, bushes and linchpins.

Here are some some specific which refer to various industrial sectors.



  • spacers
  • bushes
  • tubes and pipes
  • eyes
  • shock absorbers
  • inner tubes for vibration dampening
  • external tubes for vibration dampening
  • external tubes for vibration dampening
  • intermediate tubes for vibration dampening
  • linchpins
  • steering
  • locks bushes
  • silencer pipes
  • other
Electrical appliances
  • Spacers
  • bushes
  • tubes and pipes
  • tubes for vibration dampening
  • tubes and pipes
  • tubes and pipes
  • connecting tubes

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